• Experienced, dedicated creative writing and research freelancer

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    With over 25 years of experience in writing, editing, copywriting, creating web and blog content, research and so on, I can offer clients looking for quality, ORIGINAL articles, website content or blog posts exactly that. QUALITY, ORIGINAL, COPYSCAPE VERIFIED content composed for human readers, not search engine bots! This doesn’t mean it isn’t SEO optimized. On the contrary. If you want SEO optimized, you’ll get SEO optimized but created in a way that doesn’t read like it’s SEO optimized. In other words, you won’t find keyword phrases dropped into the text inappropriately or in ways that simply don’t make sense. Or read well.

    For the last 5 or more years I’ve been working as a creative writing and research freelancer and have clients from around the globe that I regularly write or undertake research for. I have also worked with WordPress from an editing perspective to insert new articles into client’s blogs for them. I’m also very experienced with creating newsletters and with desktop publishing in general so sourcing relevant photos and inserting them into these articles is not a problem whatsoever.

    There are so many sites out there with sub-standard content but my aim as a creative freelance writer is to ensure that this doesn’t happen to any of my clients! That’s why EVERYTHING I write is of the highest quality, exceptionally well researched and 100% original and unique. It’s also proofread before submission.

    If you’d like to see examples of some of my recent work, head to https://planetsupplement.com/ and check out their health nutrition blog. I wrote all the most recent articles for them as well as most of the 50 celebrity weight loss stories and the Skin Care articles!

    Sharing is caring!

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