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    Here on The Writing Game we’ll examine how the rules of language, stories and video games can be used together to write and make better more interesting projects. In essence, this video series and podcast is about storytelling and narrative design. Throughout this series we’ll look at how resources like the Hero’s Journey, the Story Grid by Shawn Coyne, the 4 layers approach developed by Frictional Games, and others methods can be incorporated into writing for games.

    The Writing Game will release a new episode every other week as both a video version and podcast. If you want to talk to me about writing, games or you even want to work with me you can find me on Twitter: @OneGameDad or visit my website: https://www.onegamedad.com.

    Both the video series and podcast are hosted by Third Culture Kids, and produced by me, Gregory Pellechi. Third Culture Kids can be found at: https://www.ThirdCultureKids.net

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    Sharing is caring!

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